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Mains Plugin Custom Length Light - choose your options

Mains Plugin Custom Length Light - choose your options


Custom length copper pipe light made to your measurements, fitted with your options. Suppled with a plugin mains adapter suitable for 110-240V ac (USA or UK) and a 3m / 10ft DC extension cable.


The lights can be mounted in various ways, either horizontally or vertically on a wall or ceiling. They can also be angled and are strong enough to use as a rail to hang items from. Ideal as cupboardlights, shelf lights or kitchen lights.


Lights 60cm and longer come with 3 mounts, all lights shorter than 60cm come with 2 mounts.


    • Mains - UK or USA plugin adapter
    • Power extension cable length; 3m / 10 foot
    • Lights 60cm and longer are supplied with 3 mounts. Less than 60cm, with 2.
    • Supplied with all the appropriate screws for the mounts.


    •  Choose the length you need. Bear in mind, you'll need to leave a little space for the wire at one end. If you're buying a light with a push switch, you'll need to leave a little space for that at the other as well.


    Mount Type

    3 choices. The photo's will help you out a lot with this option. The hospital brackets are easy to clean, so great for somewhere like over the hob.

    • Brass Munsen Rings
    • Brass Hospital Brackets
    • Copper Saddle Clips


    Switch Type

    • No Switch - You supply an external switch or dimmer. The light will be supplied wired permanently in the 'on' position.
    • On/Off Push Switch - A 'clicky-clicky' on/off push switch poking out of one end. This won't do dimming, just on or off.
    • Touch Control Dimming - To switch the light on or off, tap it anywhere on it's surface. Tapping and holding will increase or decrease the brightness. It's very good.


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