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A Bit About Us ...

15cm / 6" 12v copper lights
12V Copper water faucet
Brass hospital brackets, center mounts.

12VCopper creates practical, tasteful and durable electrical items ... made from copper of course.

12VCopper started life to solve a problem.

We just couldn't find any tasteful 12V electrical fittings ​for a campervan conversion. There's plenty of fine fittings out there. But they're just not very ... well ... nice.

So we made some nice ones.

Since the fist tap was built, the product range has been growing, and the customer base expanding. We've moved off the kitchen table, in to, and out of the garage, and these days we're in our own workshop.

Although the initial focus was always fittings for campervans, we've found ourselves accidentally stumbling into other markets, such as boats, particularly narrow boats.

By popular demand (and with the help of some mains to 12V adapters) we've also stumbled into becoming a domestic fittings supplier for the home.

So the future for 12VCopper is more products, and perhaps some more unexpected markets to pop up in....

Thanks for clicking by folks.


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