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  • So what voltage are these lights? 12V or mains?
    The lights themselves are 12Volts. We supply an adapter with our mains lights so you can use them in your home or bar. The mains adapter will convert 240Volts or 110Volts to 12Volts.
  • Can the lights be used in 24V systems?
    No we're afraid not. They will tolerate a higher voltage than 12V, up to 16V. But at 24V (twice the rated voltage!) they will get very very hot and stop working :(
  • Do you have any other colour lights apart from warm white?
    We've got various colours available, not just warm white. Send us a quick message from the contact page with the colour you'd like and we'll let you know if we've got it in stock. We can always order in a colour for you if we haven't got it.
  • What are the different mount types available for the lights?
    We offer 3 different types of mounts; Brass Munsen Rings These are really quite shapely shiny, and ornate. They allow the light to be used as a hanging rail. Brass Hospital Brackets A chunk of shiny brass designed to be easy to clean .... hence the name. As with the munsen rings, the light can be used as a hanging rail with these mounts. Copper Saddle Clips Space saving is the main advantage of these mounts. Lights mounted with saddle clips are flush against the surface, sticking out only about 16mm or 5/8" max. All our mounts are supplied with the right number of the appropriate brass screws.
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