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12V Custom Length Light - choose your options

12V Custom Length Light - choose your options


12V custom length copper pipe light made to your measurements, fitted with your options.


Lights 60cm and longer come with 3 mounts, all lights shorter than 60cm come with 2 mounts.

Please see below for more information about the options.


The lights can be mounted in various ways, they can be angled and are strong enough to use as a rail to hang items from.


    12V DC

    Cable length; 1.5m / 5 foot

    Lights 60cm and longer will be supplied with 3 mounts. Less than 60cm, with 2 mounts.

    Supplied with all the appropriate screws for the mounts.



    Choose the length you need. Bear in mind, you'll need to leave a little space for the wire at one end. If you're buying a light with a push switch, you'll need to leave a little space for that at the other as well.


    Mount Type

    3 choices. The photo's will help you out a lot with this option. The hospital brackets are easy to clean, so great for somewhere like over the hob.

    Brass Munsen Rings

    Brass Hospital Brackets

    Copper Saddle Clips


    Switch Type

    No Switch - You supply an external switch or dimmer. The light will be supplied wired permanently in the 'on' position.

    On/Off Push Switch - A 'clicky-clicky' on/off push switch poking out of one end. This won't do dimming, just on or off.

    Touch Control Dimming - To switch the light on or off, tap it anywhere on it's surface. Tapping and holding will increase or decrease the brightness. It's very good.


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